Claire Potter and Lucas Ihlein: Swallow

Claire Potter and Lucas Ihlein: Swallow


First edition, 2010.

39X45 cm
Salmon and Dark Brown on acid-free 240gsm cotton rag paper with deckle edge.
Limited edition of 30, signed and numbered by both the poet and the artist.

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Claire writes:

“I’ve just spent a wonderful day with Sydney artist Lucas Ihlein hand-printing broadsides of one of my poems (a single-sheet poem printed on an artist’s image); and the result is beautiful – a Swallow poem inked on gorgeous, creamy paper, fashioned amidst a splendid design of bees, ready to be framed or archived as you wish…”

This Broadside has been issued as a limited edition commemorative print in conjunction with the publication of Potter’s new collection of poems, also entitled Swallow.

Swallow (the book) is published by our friends at Five Islands Press. You can buy the book here. A wonderful review of the book can be read over here.

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