(Complete Set) Jo Law: The Illustrated Almanac: Print Edition

(Complete Set) Jo Law: The Illustrated Almanac: Print Edition



THE ILLUSTRATED ALMANAC began as an online project that interpreted ecological and anthropogenic events in the Illawarra and beyond over 1 calendar year from September 2011 to August 2012. Observations of phenological occurrences, weather statistics, astronomical information, and relevant materials pertaining to the local biomes including human activities were collected. Using the temporal structure of the ancient Chinese almanac, interpretation, exposition, speculation, or reflection on this collected data were posted online every 5 days.

This almanac invited subscribers and contributors to participate by responding to posts, providing comments, or sending in data or any relevant information from their own locations. Both subscribers and contributors played an important role in the creation of this almanac.

The print series here features 12 editions of offset lithographic prints, one for each month of the year. These works on paper collate statistics, data, observations, writings, and artworks collected during the online project. Each month is a limited edition of 25, printed with Big Fag Press.

The prints can be bought individually or as a collection

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