Mask II, 239 plus

Mask II, 239 plus



Offset Lithograph

Limited Signed Edition 6/10

70cm x 100cm

Fabriano Paper 285gsm

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‘Mask I and II, 239 plus’ addresses a mother’s hidden fears and son’s hidden traumas after war, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 239 plus references the unconfirmed deaths by suicide of returned ADF personnel who were possibly suffering from PTSD.

PTSD is caused by a life threatening trauma like war, assault and major body trauma. Some copying mechanisms for this disorder, for me and other sufferers is silence, seclusion, self- harm, avoidance, distraction and to camouflage inner turmoil. And on many occasions suicide. The assembled masks are a symbolic narrative within themselves, made from children’s toys which are now altered in context and have become impermissible and untouchable. The concertina with 239 faces represents the 239 unconfirmed suicides of returned ADF personnel.