BFP collaboration with Sydney Biennale artist Ciara Phillips


For the 21st Biennale of Sydney, artist Ciara Phillips is creating a collaborative printmaking studio within the Museum of Contemporary Art, creating posters with four community groups, including the Big Fag Press, a class from Liverpool Girls High School, women from the Jessie Street National Women's Library and a group of Afghan women from the New South Wales Service for the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture and Trauma Survivors. We will be working with Ciara Phillips to create posters which will be featured in the Saturday Paper. To read an article about the project click here:

Ciara Phillips: Working predominantly with the medium of printmaking, Ciara Phillips’ practice is both expansive and experimental. She often invites members of the public or different community groups to participate in her projects through the act of making art, transforming galleries and exhibition spaces into a studio space or open workshop. Influenced by the historical uses of the print and printmaking in political and social activism, as well as the often-collaborative physical process of production, Phillips examines the capacity of printmaking to unite people in the pursuit of a purpose or idea.

Ciara Phillips was nominated for the Turner Prize 2014 for the project Workshop, 2010 – ongoing, which aims to explore the relationships between strands of Phillips’ solo and collective work and was also informed by the artist's research into the history of London-based print collectives.

Eloise Lindeback