A Very Wild Surprise

Here at the press we present all sort of events, and coming up there are a set of wild ones!


Co-founder Diego Bonetto will host a series of happenings as part of The Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum Now presented by ANZ.

The glorious Big Fag location will frame an evening of wild appetisers and music after a stroll at dusk along Glebe’s Rozelle and Blackwattle Bays. Diego will take guests on a discovery tour of the area, presenting the many edible plants living in the landscape. You will learn to identify and prepare food growing everywhere, including your own backyards and then savour them thanks to chef Joey Astorga and mixologists Byron Woolfrey and Chris Thomas from Trolley’d.

Diego says “Experience the Sydney harbour foreshore with a new perspective: sweet drinks can be made from Banksia flowers, early settlers survived famine with native warrigals, and migrant communities collect weeds for traditional dishes celebrating their cultural heritage to this day.”

Bookings here> www.diegobonetto.com/Spectrum+Now

Event TitleA Very Wild Surprise!

Summary for Program: Learn the art of foraging and expand your culinary horizons with a wild food experience to be remembered. Discover Sydney’s public domain food sources.

Venue Name: Jubilee Park Viaduct 4

When: March 11, 21, 29 6:00pm-9:00pm

Cost: $75-$95 

See the Spectrum now listing here>

Eloise Lindeback