Big Fag at Bundanon

The Big Fag crew is a bunch of busy buddies, lost in their lives, work, practice and preoccupation. We seldom get together under the same roof for longer than a print run. Thankfully there is places that offer artist’s retreats, like Bundanon Trust, a couple of hours south of Sydney, where artists and artist collectives can take refuge from their busy lives and concentrate on one task only: catch up!


In the industry when a bunch of printmakers get together for a catch up, a print, and a feast is called a Wayzgoose, and that’s what we did. We printed, cooked for each others, went through an alarming amount of discussions and paperwork and over all enjoyed the beautiful settings>>

So good, if you think you might need such a focus time do apply, the call out is on now ’till July

Here’s a great set of images from Lucas about the adventure and here is a set form The Weedy One.

Finally, below, some of the crazy plans we came out with. Seeing that we were hosted in the Musician Cottage, we decided to try our luck in the music industry, how’s this for a blues band album cover… now for the music..

Eloise Lindeback