Big Fag Press is officially Awesome!

Thanks to the Sydney Chapter of the Awesome Foundation, the Big Fag Press has just been given $1000.00 to help with a project we’ve been wanting to do for ages: print a big map of Woolloomooloo.

The Awesome Foundation is an international micro-philanthropy movement – ten trustees of the foundation in each city put up a hundred dollars each, so that every month a grand can be offered for a project which is “awesome”.

There isn’t any other stipulation, and the application process is dead easy. You just have to prove that it’s awesome.

As a small experimental entrepreneurial artists group, we’re really excited to be affiliated with this amazing form of DIY, bureaucracy-free benevolence.

Our project, to print a map of Woolloomooloo, is motivated by the fact that we’ve moved into this neighbourhood which is rich in layers of social and political history. The best way to “put yourself on the map” is to actually print it!

The map will be designed and produced as a first step towards a larger project we’re working on, called the “Green Bans Art Walk”, which will launch in August.

We’ll put up more info about that project soon. In the meantime, thanks Awesome!

Eloise Lindeback