Fag Mag #1 Callout

The following message comes through from Dave, one of the FagPress Mavens. Above is a photo of him with his amazing lo-fi 2 colour poster, which we printed up a few weeks back. The great thing about this poster was that we made the plates ourselves, from transparencies Dave got made up during a recent trip to Indonesia. Anyway, read on, you could participate in our first ever magazine project, and thus be part of BIG FAG history! But remember, to contribute, artwork deadline is Friday, the 3rd of August.

Dear FAGs and Friends,

We are compiling a project which requires the input of a bunch of you “artist” types.

Myself and H. Shimada are co-editing a collection of work to be included in a print run of a small booklet (much the same format as a classic comic book) to be printed on the FAGpress in August.

We are offering (22) places, each a page of it’s own, of the dimensions 170mm wide by 260mm high. There is also one double-page in the centre (available by request).

Your contribution can be writings, drawings, collage, photograph, an advirtisement, a blank page with a
sticker or panel you provide us with 100 of…

Please, use your imagination!

We want this to be FABULOUS!

There will be two catagories, with one being printed in black (monochrome) and the other in red and blue (duo-tone). Blue and Red produces an excellent “fake” full-colour, and together mimic black quite well: very handsome.

There are an equal number of Mono and Duo pages, but once One fills up, you’re submission is stuck in The Other. People who wish to have their work printed in
Duotone will need to consult with me unless they are able to do the separations themselves.

There is a tutorial for colour separation on the website


Shortly there will be an FAQ, examples of work and a downloadable template. [ download template from:

The cover will be a four-colour screenprint, with an introduction inside the front cover and credits, etc. inside the back cover. There also will be a sash around the book and a three-colour pull-out centrefold.

The places are strictly limited, and will be accepted in order of receipt, with prefrences going to those who’ve slogged under the FAG. Just so it is implicitly stated, decisions regarding the booklet will be made by the editors.

The cost of inclusion is $25. This will cover the cost of the plate and printing (hopefully!). We are going to do an edition on 100 and each “artist” will recieve 2 copies of the finished work. The rest will be sold to raise money for future endevours on the FAG. This could be for you!

BIG FAG #01 is (hopefully) the first of a series of similar works to be produced on the press, with the possibility of being designed and compiled by an individual artist, or small groups, or like this one again! So set your thinking-caps to STUN!

This is a test, in many respects, so you should be aware that it may not ALL come out as you (and we!) expect it to. You understanding in this regard is greatly appreciated.

Please post original artwork, or a compact disc of your shit to:

The Barn
11 Collins St
NSW 2015

Artwork Deadline is the Friday, the 3rd of August.

Looking forward to hear from youse.

David Harris

P.S. Please feel free to forward this to any interested parties, however, this is a Sydney based project so Jeff Koons and co. can go and get fucked.
(sorry, read that as “Did I forget anyone?”)

Eloise Lindeback