Gilbert Grace – Deep Green and Bright Blue

A new exhibition is now on at the Big Fag Press gallery.

Deep Green and Bright Blue
12-26 September 2015
Tuesday to Saturday, 10am-4pm
Or by appointment, call Gilbert on 0434 910 422

Closing drinks at the Big Fag Press gallery

3pm Saturday 26 September


The exhibition will evolve with the incorporation of works in progress, please come to the closing drinks for the viewing of the final show. Oils, works on paper, experimental prints and curated bicycle tours. Details here.

Detailed exhibition information – including images of the paintings on display is linked here.


Gilbert Grace – Deep Green and Bright Blue – Artist Statement by Gilbert Grace:

A selection of artworks on the themes of environment and quality of life.

The show consists of my ‘augmented studio practise’. There will be contemporary, documentary landscapes of sites along inner Sydney’s waterways. There will be large charcoal and paper works on paper, and experimental block prints on paper in oils. The works unabashedly show a reliance on photography and digital technology and the embodied practises of art making. The exhibition will also include dialogic engagement with ‘place’ via curated, participatory, bicycle tours that have been designed to enhance neurogenesis.

Since the eighteenth century workers have been alienated from the product of their work, a consequence of the mechanisation of the workplace and division of labour. During the nineteenth century the masses were increasingly alienated from nature and forced to live in slums tainted with aerosols emitted by coal fired power stations. Horse dung and effluent flowed in the streets.In the twentieth century the populace had been increasingly alienated from their own bodies, seduced by labour saving devices and mechanisation including the motor vehicle. 

In the twenty first century after decades of privileging motor vehicles over people we are reaping the rewards. Australia is leading the world in new cases of preventable adult onset diabetes, diabetes among the Aboriginal population is twenty times that of white Australia. The remedy is a more natural diet, exercise and the reintegration of body, mind and nature.The Sydney Green Ring is a chance for inner Sydney to establish a network of lush, verdant, green spaces, as habitat for wildlife, and an active transport corridor to set people walking and cycling. As a corridor and ring road it connects inner Sydney’s vibrant and exciting old and new neighbourhoods. 

The Sydney Green Ring will connect arts, entertainment, sport, education and environment precincts, with tourism, transport, and shopping locations. The Sydney Green Ring, as part of a wider network of off-road, active transport paths and cycle roads and has the potential of taking fifteen percent of single occupant motor vehicles off Sydney’s congested streets, and to do so in a way that promotes physical, emotional and psychic health, economic and environmental sustainability.


Eloise Lindeback