Ivory Tower prints at the Big Fag

…a close-up of Louise’s Ivory Tower Newspaper…

…a close-up of Louise’s Ivory Tower Newspaper…

This month we’re very proud of Louise Anderson, our “senior intern” here at the Big Fag.

Louise has been barrelling along to the triumphant conclusion of her honours year in Fashion Design at UTS.

In the process, she has taught herself offset printing, and launched a satirical campaign about the fashion and beauty industries.

In this blog post by Louise, you can follow along as she prints her paste-up “Ivory Tower” newspapers on the Big Fag. The papers are posted around the city, and a QR code embedded on them leads to this website.

Louise’s graduating student show at UTS has set up a pozible campaign to raise money for their event.

You can also follow Louise on Twitter.

Eloise Lindeback