James Dodds Prints up a Pole Poster

Back in 2004, when Mickie went to auction to bid on the Big Fag Press, no-one else wanted it and so we got it for a song! One ole timer printing fella shuffled over to him, sized him up, and said “I guess we’re gonna see your handy work on telegraph poles around town then, eh?”

At the time, we would have said yes. But strangely, this poster by James Dodds is the first that has been designed specifically with poles in mind. Here he is, in the photo above, showing the print that he produced on the press (later to be guillotined in half of course). Note its three colour design: two colours off metal plates, and the third colour produced using hand-cut “ruby”, thus keeping the cost down! The gap at the bottom of the poster is for him to insert info about his upcoming events, whatever they might be, using a fat marker pen.

Notice the scratches on the right hand poster James is holding up? Well, in the process of handling the fragile metal plate, James put a scratch on it. Naturally that small scratch shows up in the print. So rather than throw in the towel, or a tantrum, he went along with it, using sandpaper to enhance the scratch effect and make it part of his overall design.

Eloise Lindeback