Launch of the Firstdraft Print Edition 2013, featuring Marking their territory by Joan Ross

Big Fag Press just finished printing the latest of FirstDraft Print Edition, which will be launched as part of ArtMonth this coming Saturday.


Launch of the Firstdraft Print Edition 2013, featuring Marking their Territory by Joan Ross.

Saturday 9th March 2013, 5 –6pm at Firstdraft Gallery.

Marking their territory reconfigures as its backdrop an 1800’s Australian colonial painting  by John Glover.

This work examines the civilising of nature, imperialism, power relationships and racism, throw-away culture and consumerism.

Ownership, fear, surveillance, boundaries, naming and claiming. Hi Vis flouro, colourfully and gratingly pollutes with its colour coded pretence of control over land. Gainsborough’s colonials spray graffiti like cats marking their territory. JosephBanks-Bank$-Banksi-Banksia.

Joan Ross is interested in the connection and disconnection with nature – born in Glasgow, brought out to Sydney on a boat as a baby. Her work graces many walls in many houses and galleries in Australia and overseas. She is represented by Gallery Barry Keldoulis.

By supporting this project you are allowing Firstdraft, Australia’s longest running Artist Run Space, to continue to support emerging and experimental artists.

This print was produced in the studio of Big Fag Press. It is an offset lithograph made with two plates (fluorescent yellow and sepia) which is then hand-coloured by the artist.

Eloise Lindeback