Lucas Ihlein’s Underground “Radish” print just released!


Hot off the press is this new print, made as a commemorative collectable to accompany the launch of the latest Artlink Magazine, themed on “The Underground”.

I had the privelege of guest-editing the magazine, and I was overwhelmed by all the stuff I COULD HAVE included, but was not able to. (You can read more about the contents of the magazine here).

So I decided to make a drawing documenting this failure to squeeze everything in.

Above the line you have (roughly) the contents of the magazine. Below the line you have all the things (well, not ALL) which didn’t make it in. Note the “etc” at the bottom right… It kind of comes out like an iceberg, but I also like to think of it as a radish (“the humble daikon”).

The print was produced as a run of 100, signed and numbered.

We used “dutch etching” paper, which printed really nicely, and the idea was to make it look a bit like the marker ink was bleeding into the fibres of the paper.

The print is now available online for only 70 Aussie dollars! Click here to visit our online store.

Get in quick as our editions often sell out fast.

-cheers, Lucas

Eloise Lindeback