Melbourne Museum of Printing

[photo thanks to Lauren from She Sees Red. More photos  here .]

[photo thanks to Lauren from She Sees Red. More photos here.]

A month or so ago I visited the Melbourne Museum of Printing. This terrific letterpress emporium is a “working museum” – a really interesting concept – a kind of techno-heritage project, where it is essential to keep the machines rolling in order to understand them properly. A non-functioning printing press is much less educational than one where you can make up your own poster!

Warren from the Narrows took me down there. He helped me make a great die-cast letter block (not sure of correct terminology) of the Big Fag Press (see the photo below).


Now, the museum is in danger of going belly up. Due to its generous practice of saving old machines, the 5 warehouses of great stuff now cost more money in rent than can be afforded. So a gang of young print enthusiasts, including Warren, got together to try and save the museum itself. They had a fundraising day last Sunday, where 22 artists (including me) were invited to make a print on the letterpress machines. These were limited-editioned and sold to make some rent-cash.

You can see some of the prints over here. Contact the MMOP via that website if you’d like to buy one. Hopefully some detailed photos will go up soon so you know what you’re splashing out on!

Lucas from BFP

ps – check out the MMOP’s old website – I think it is a stunning analogous “site” – not dissimilar to the warehouses full of old machines. Treasures to be found, if you are willing to rummage!

Eloise Lindeback