Metal Plate Lithography

the happy printer shows off the plate while the happy artist shows off the print

a ha! finally!

we were wondering, theorising and fantasising at the time when we would actually start to print images directly drawn onto the lithographic plate.

We knew of the process, the few and simple elements needed, and the potential, but never this far managed to do anything with it.

This is until Fiona MacDonald decided to print with us, using age-old techniques of metal plates lithography.

Researching on the methods Fiona discovered a number of intersting facts:

the last person at the College of Fine Arts (UNSW) to use the techinique was about 20 years ago

most of the information is old and in analogue format

plates/chemicals and drawing implements are still current, but seldom used for any purpose.

Of course we at the BFP would be happy to resurrect such old craft, we LOVE old craft!

Above is a set of images that explain the process so far, and here is the set of instructions we have been using.

The test plate printed well, so Fiona is going to design the artwork now, as part of a mapping project BFP is pulling off with the help of a number of Woolloomooloo residents.

Green Bans Art Walk (GBAW) will be a month-long exhibition at both FirstDraft Depot Project Space (the studio complex / gallery were the Big FAG lives) and at the Cross Art Projects gallery in Kings Cross.

Soon enough a proper presentation of GBAW will come up on this blog and elsewhere, as at the moment we play with tusche!



Eloise Lindeback