New Edition HOT PINK Big Fag Press Brochure Poster now available!

[Update, June 2010: this poster/brochure is now sold out. We will advise when a new edition is printed].

For all you online-buying fanatics out there, you can now order BIG FAG merch right here! After our first edition of bright green/black/silver Big Fag Press Brochure-Posters sold out in a trice, we did a second edition of 120 (individually numbered) in hot pink/black/silver.

Click here to see the “poster” side of the print, featuring the amazing silver and black image of the press itself, mounted by our mascot, Sydney’s biggest fag, Faggot Rooster…

…and the photo above shows the “brochure” side complete with all the details of the press, its history, how to get involved, and the tech specs if you’d like to prepare an image for the machine… Click here to see each page of the brochure in detail.

Get ’em while they’re hot, folks! You can order them in “natty folded brochure style” in a flat pack envelope, or “pristine rolled poster style” in a tube…

Only AUD$30.00 plus postage to wherever you are in the world.

email us: to order one. Tell us where you are in the world, whether you want rolled or folded, and we will tell you how much to pay us…

…here are deposit details:

Encompass Credit Union
acc name: Fag Press
acc # 82888
bsb: 802184


[This brochure/poster was produced thanks to a NAVA Marketing Grant]…

Eloise Lindeback