Paul Saint prints up a Big Card on the Big Fag


We recently had the pleasure of working with eminent Sydney artist Paul Saint to print the above piece. Paul was a real pleasure to work with – he spent time getting his head around the process in advance, even carrying out the colour separations himself.

The final works – a sort of grooved and rotary-ruined playing card – is now on show at Artspace gallery in Woolloomooloo, not far from where we at Big Fag have our workshop in the First Draft Depot.

You can see a set of photos from Paul’s show here – the prints are exhibited en masse, and integrated into a large scale installation consisting of glass, wax, old comic book pages, mirrors and bent rulers.

This was something of a “pro-bono” job for Big Fag. Earlier this year, Artspace sponsored Big Fags Mickie and Diego to attend the Basel Art Fair, where we’d been invited to have a booth. (Read about their experience here ). So we were happy to support Paul’s Artspace print with free labour as hearty thanks for helping us get to Switzerland…

Eloise Lindeback