Printing up a Jason Wing Edition


This is Jason Wing, our latest happy customer. He came to us asking if we could work with him to create an edition of 100 prints to support the Gallery 4Afundraising scheme.

It’s a great scheme. Forgive me if I get it wrong, but it works something like this…

100 people are invited to subscribe to Gallery 4A’s programme. They each pay a thousand dollars. Then every month, they receive one artist-produced limited edition multiple. Over the course of a year, the subscribers have collected 12 gorgeous things, for rock-bottom prices, and the gallery has got itself a tidy sum to use in the running of their programmes!

As for the artists (and on this occasion, we the printers!), they get to have fun making a handsome piece of art in one hundred units.

Jason’s work presented some interesting challenges for us – his original design was an “RGB” jpg file (from a photo of a spraypainted stencil painting), and we needed to convert it to a 2 spot-colour offset print.

No matter how you slice it, the colours are never going to be exactly the same, so we pored over our PANTONE colour swatch, and Big Fag Pat’s computer, to craft up the precise colour separations in yellow and brown, which would look best within those constraints. The above is how it turned out. Printed on Fabriano archival paper, of course… Thanks to Gallery 4A for working with us, and thanks to Big Fag Diego for the printing yakka!

Eloise Lindeback