Sustainable Printing

BigFag Press was established with the help of Jens, a printer from a company called Technocolour, who advised us showed us the ropes. Jens also donated much of the equipment, inks and papers that have helped us get up and running at low cost. To date, we have used high quality papers which we haven’t had to buy. However, the day will come when these papers will run out, and we will be forced to make some serious choices about paper stock. Inspired by the Footprint Press in the UK, we’re looking into getting some environmentally friendly papers to print with. 

In Australia, here are a few leads to follow:

Please get in touch if you have any suggestions! We’re also currently using horridly toxic inks (which were also donated to us) and it’d be great to find out if we could get the machine functioning well with something better for our own occupational health and safety.

Eloise Lindeback