The FAGETTE Livezine Printacular!!

The BIG FAG PRESS now has a little sister, the Fagette Duplicator. Where the BIG FAG is optimised for slowness, and bigness, the Fagette is super for quick and small. What’s more, it’s easy to use, and prints in a glorious array of multi-colour. Ya gotta see this baby in operation! Which brings us to…

The Fagette LiveZINE Spectacular!

Fagette LiveZINE – making the stage a page! The LiveZINE is an infotainment printacular – with audience and presenters alike contributing to an instantaneously published magazine. Expect to be entertained, challenged, inspired, and take home your own copy of the LiveZINE at the end of the night!

The LiveZINE brings together performers, pop music samplers, cartoonists, zinesters, big minds and the terminally curious for a huge night of entertainment. Come one, come all!

Come and join us on the PACT Theatre bleachers. Make history!

Print where no printer has ever dared to print before!

17th June PACT Theatre.
107 Railway Pde Erskineville
Tues 17 June 2008, 8pm
$7 and cheap drinks!

Eloise Lindeback