BIG FAG PRESS presents the launch of its special edition, collectable, snazzy, BIG FAG PRESS BROCHURE as BIG POSTER

To be opened by Glenn Barkley, curator at the MCA and one of the most prominent collectors of zine, posters and art ephemera.

BIG FAG PRESS is a collectively owned, ethically operated, non-profit community printing press. No other such organisation has existed in Sydney for many years. Whilst much publicity and communication activity for community groups and artists has shifted its focus to an online environment, there is clearly still a need for physical, enduring documents which are, importantly, artworks in themselves.

The gala event will launch a BIG FAG PRESS brochure that folds out to a massive A1+ poster, showing what the press is capable of. A collection of the press’ output to-date will also be on exhibition.

The launch will also be the chance for the collective to introduce its latest development, THE ACQUISITION OF A RISO MACHINE!, (to be called Fagette – Little sister of the Big Fag!) therefore expanding the facilities of the press and giving an extra needed push to Sydney’s independent media.


This project was assisted by a grant from Arts NSW, an agency of the New South Wales Government, through a program administered by the National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA)

Eloise Lindeback