For the past 3 weeks a bunch of our members have had the chance to join Sydney Biennale artist Ciara Phillips to collaborate on her project Workshop (2010-ongoing). 

So far we've printed our interpretation of the 'black hole of the internet' and printed the 'blinking cursor of indecision' on tshirts, stickers and paper sculptures. These prints were borne from long and thought provoking discussions of topics ranging from digital privacy and the oversimplification of complex issues to the value of flags and colours in contemporary Australian society. 

We place collaboration at the heart of how we work at Big f.a.g. Press and it's been great to further our learning, experimenting and skill sharing through Phillips' project. We will be continuing our involvement at the MCA on Thursday 12th April from 11am-2pm if you want to come by and watch us in action! 

Eloise Lindeback